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Sometimes Done is Better Than Perfect

I spent so long wanting to have a blog but not having one because I didn't know how to code, or because I didn't have a logo and other absolutley ridiculous excuses I gave myself as to why no one would ever want to read what I write.

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.
— Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn

Now I am far from perfect, and so is my blog, but it is a real tangible thing. I have been getting so many DMs on Instagram and messages on Facebook about people loving my blog, and it really resonates with them. Even without a good logo. Even before I have had any idea of branding. Even before I have optimised my posts for SEO. Even before I really knew who I was writing for (other than myself). 

This place is really trial and error for me, figuring out what works and what doesn't. In public. My mind sometimes says "but it's messy" but I have to remind myself, but it's real. No one ends up with a perfect product the first time around. If I don't do it in public I will never learn what type of people enjoy reading my blog, or what content really interests them. 

If your product / service is perfect the first time around, then you’ve waited too long to launch it.
— Natalie Ellis, Boss Babe Inc.

I joined a bloggers group on Facebook and lots of people are waiting until they have a certain amount of articles prepared to "launch" their blogs. Whilst I commend them for their desire to do things right, it is unlikely you will get more than 60 people looking at your blog on the first day you go live. It won't feature in any search engines (because SEO favours longer standing websites which have been around longer, regardless of how much content you have available at your launch.)

It made me wonder how many other things we don't do because we are worried it won't be perfect. Whether there are beautiful things that could have been created if we were not so obsessed with  getting the outcome exactly right the first time. Sometime a work in progress is actually more interesting than a perfect finished product....

I would love to know in the comments below if you have ever launched something before you felt ready to and how it went!

ॐ Shanti x 

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