rosie peacock self love and success coach

Rosie Peacock

I am a coaching psychologist using positive psychology and yogic principles to facilitate and guide high-achieving, ambitious women in business to self-love and success.

Hide and Seek

i looked for You

in the bottom of a baptist’s bathtub.

i searched for You

in a convent, unconventionally

i found nothing

but doubt.

i looked for You 

in magic spells,

woven with wands and words

only the coven heard,

but playing pretend i wondered?

i wandered 

taking trips

to see if You were hiding

behind my eyes.

i glimpsed Your glory,


to my surprise faded

as the drugs did.

doubt doubled,




soon filled the empty

parts of my heart.

i tried to fill them with boys

but they were not the right fit.

i tried to fill them with girls

but they also weren’t it.

i saw myself as an unloved, old jigsaw

uncompletable with one missing piece.

i sat in stillness, silently,

hollow as I could be,

the hole in my soul empty,

on my meditation cushion,

You filled Me


I felt whole.

Rosie Peacock © 2018

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