rosie peacock self love and success coach

Rosie Peacock

I am a coaching psychologist using positive psychology and yogic principles to facilitate and guide high-achieving, ambitious women in business to self-love and success.


You keep my head busy.

Thoughts of you;

kissing me,

missing me,

slipping blissfully into sleep

in your warm arms,

calms me.

You keep my heart busy.

My chest swells

when I hear your name

I could listen to it again and again

like my favourite refrain.

You keep my hands busy.

At work I’m writing you poetry,

I blame you fully

holding me hostage mentally,

replaying our new memories

like favourite DVD’s

on repeat awake or asleep.

You keep my feet busy.

Wandering, wondering

if we fit together as perfectly

as I’m starting to believe.

A head-to-toe intensity,


what are you doing to me?


Ode to Sobriety