positive psychology interventions

These are interventions you could ask to be integrated with our coaching to improve your wellbeing and to solve or resolve specific issues you are working through. It may be helpful to ask for guidance as to which ones would be most suitable in your work with me if you feel unsure.


mindfulness/ meditation based interventions

  • mindfulness based congnitive therapy (MBCT)

  • meditations for self love (metta-bhavana)

  • strengths-based mindfulness

  • mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR)

  • mindfulness based self- compassion


writing and reflecting based interventions

  • VIA strengths survey

  • best-possible-self

  • gratitude journalling

  • expressive writing (writing about trauma)

  • writing goals

  • setting SMART targets

  • learning styles (Honey and Mundford)


physical positive psychology interventions

  • yoga asana (the practice of postures- what many think of when they think of a yoga class)

  • regular cardio exercise

  • mindful walking

  • roleplay

  • embodied coaching

Moving the body can really have a huge effect on our mental wellbeing. Within our coaching, you have the option to have walking coaching, where the entire session takes place as we walk around the park on your lunch break, or to do our coaching after one of my yoga classes.