Seven Steps to Self-Love and Success for Women Who Want More

The seven steps to self-love and success is a seven-week transformational business and mindset group coaching programme, and mastermind group of supportive ambitious female business-owners, along with a seven-week step-by-step online course which guides to stop doubting yourself and bring your biggest dreams to life.

Are you ready to stop doubting yourself, self-sabotaging and create a life and business you love?

My seven week programme The Seven Steps to Self-love and Success gives you the science and the strategies to trade frantic for peaceful, overwhelmed into balanced, and self-doubt into confidence and clarity in both your business and life. It is both holistic and strongly evidence-based, with a mind, body and soul approach to making you soul-aligned and unstoppable.

The online transformative programme will cover positive psychology, the science of goal-setting and success, mindset mastery and neuroscience, cognitive behavioural coaching around money and abundance, financial management strategies, nutrition and biohacking, vedic philosophy, and a holistic personal development toolbox of evidence-based wellbeing interventions to seriously up-level your life and your business.

Not only do you access to ALL of that incredible course content, but you also get to be part of a mastermind of like-minded ambitious women, a fiercely supportive exclusive community that will inspire you and encourage you to become your best possible self!

On top of that there is weekly live group coaching sessions with me where I can support and guide you personally in your with coaching tailored to your business and development. This program is here to help you create clarity so you know exactly what you want from your business and your life. I give you all the practical tools and information I learned that got me to a place where I love myself and live my dreams out every single day.

This may be right for you if:

  • You know you’re made for more.

  • You are a currently female business owner/ entrepreneur/ freelancer/ service provider or you plan to be

  • You are plagued with self-doubt, and second-guessing yourself

  • You are a perfectionist and this means you procrastinate on putting anything out there in fear of it not being good enough.

  • You feel a real need to prove yourself, and you car a lot what other people think of you

  • You overthink, feel anxious, and worry and play out worse case scenarios

  • Your inner-critic is always telling you that you aren’t good enough, no one will buy from you, no one cares what you have to say.

  • You struggle with ‘getting visible’ on social media even though you know it would boost your business

  • You struggle to maintain healthy romantic relationships (and often play out insecurities, jealousy, co-dependence)

  • You self-sabotage when everything is going well and you have no idea why 

  • Your healthy habits around food, fitness, self-care are all squeezed out to make room for business

  • You feel too busy and like you never have enough time (or like you are trying to juggle too much at once)

  • You know you want to charge more and make more in your business but you don’t know how to

  • You’re not attracting enough customers and clients

  • Not attracting your ‘dream clients’ and you make too many allowances for people to work with you even if they are not the right fit

  • You feel lonely at work and lack of a supportive community of inspiring like-minded people

  • You suffer with overwhelm, burnout and stress

  • You don’t feel good-enough

  • You have lack of clarity on what your strengths, talents and unique offerings in the world are

  • You find yourself drinking, binge-watching TV, mindlessly eating, and other ‘zone-out’ behaviours

  • You long for your business and work more aligned with your soul

  • You are a success-driven woman who has probably got a well-paying work situation, and yet you still feel stuck in your personal life

  • You have a big case of ‘imposter syndrome’, wondering when you are going to be ‘found out’

I know, because I was there. When I first launched my business I felt ALL of the above. My mindset held me back because I didn’t feel that I deep down deserved to live the life of my dreams. Lack of self-love and low self-esteem kept me stuck playing small, repeating negative patterns and negative thought processes. I felt very low self-worth and low levels of confidence, and thought no one would want to work with me. I was giving away my services for FREE and still no one was coming! It was soul-destroying, and not maintainable. Something had to change.

This led me on my path of self- discovery, healing and transformation. The transformation I experienced was remarkable and I want to share this with women who are going through the same things I struggled with, I want to help them believe in themselves, know their worth and feel empowered to live the life and have the successful and stress-free business that is destined for them.

I want women to love themselves more, to stop living with an inner-critic, burning themselves out with perfectionism, being overly harsh on themselves and speaking to themselves in a way they wouldn’t speak to anyone else.

As ambitious women who want to make a big difference in the world, healing starts at home, and learning these tools sets up the foundation for fantastic relationship with yourself and a successful life which has a high impact in the world that is not driven by stress, burnout, and feeling overwhelmed, but comes from a place of fun, joy and inner-peace.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 09.46.30.png

If you are ready for 'a life-changing' and 'enlightening experience' (as two of my client's have said in their recommendations!) that makes you realise you are a Goddesses and you have unlimited ability to create your dream life and business and makes you part of a tribe of ambitious, like-minded women, meet my Seven Steps to Self-Love and Success Mastermind.

Applications are now open for enrollment for the seven-week mastermind, online coaching programme and online course starting on October 28th 2019 and running until 22nd December 2019, so you go into Christmas and the new year feeling fantastic and set for success!

It's a seven week transformational programme which will help you:

  • Go from self-sabotaging to success in ALL areas of your life (money, eating habits, relationships, mindset and more)

  • Stop blocking money, feeling broke, living paycheck to paycheck, or not being paid what you’re worth and master your money mindset, increase your self-worth and your net-worth, start feeling abundance

  • Ditch the diet culture and build in healthy habits you LOVE and that nourish your mind, body and soul in ways that feel fun and free

  • Connect to a tribe of soul-sisters, other ambitious, incredible women who will inspire and support you on your journey and become lifelong friends.

  • Learn to replace your inner-critic with a new kinder, inner-best friend who loves and supports you and guides you to success.

  • Get past your blocks and limiting beliefs around self-worth, feel worthy and enough, forgive and accept yourself fully.

The best part is, this whole powerful programme is based entirely online so you can join from anywhere in the world and experience transformation around your schedule from the comfort of your own home! I am creating it to be as user-friendly as possible so you don't need to have much technical know how and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

If this sounds like it is like it's for you and you want to find out more

Places are really limited, as I want it to feel fully supportive and close-knit, I want this mastermind to bring together women who are ready to lift each other up and grow and heal together. It’s important that you fill in the application form in detail so I get a good idea of why this programme interests you and why you are the right fit.

Love and light

Rosie x

P.S Just a heads up but this is the last time I run it at this price before investment increases (it’s a total steal for the transformation you are getting!)

Seven Steps to Self-love and Success

Here is my magic formula which blends together coaching psychology, positive psychology, ancient yogic wisdom, holistic healing tools, as well as practical activities and exercises to help you transform into the version of you, you have always wanted to be (positive psychology interventions, guided meditations, recorded yoga classes, journaling work, as well as our super powerful live group coaching)

Phase One - Set Yourself Up For Success Life Audit

Clarity is key to know how to move forward. In this section we explore theories around how to set goals you can’t wait to achieve (and why you sometimes set goals you don’t- New Years Resolution, anyone?)

Phase Two - Creating the Inner World

Here we will explore how you can master your mindset, cognitive behavioural coaching, meditation & mindfulness. Suitable for beginners and experienced alike, we will be busting common meditation misconceptions (meditation is not about emptying your mind but focusing it! Think of it like putting your brain on charge, like you would your phone, or rebooting a computer).

Phase Three- Self-love is Safe

We look at the positive psychology perspectives on self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-esteem, and what scientifically backed tools are out there to increase them.

Phase Four - Learn to Love Yourself & Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Ditch the diet culture and explore intuitive, mindful eating, how to increase energy, how to look and feel your best with ease.

Phase Five - Master Your Money Mindset & Accept Absolute Abundance

This phase is super in depth and unpicks all your thoughts around money and abundance. This will feature cognitive behavioural coaching questions relating to money and financial success, unpicking your money stories and learning about money mantras and the millionaire mindset. Learning the ancient wisdom & yogic philosophy that originated in the Vedic texts (more than 5000 years ago), as well as as delving into how your mind affects matter with quantum mechanics, and the power of the universal law of attraction.

Phase Six Consciously Create Your Life & Business

Creating a plan to move forward using the tools you have learned, and apply them to build lifelong success in your confidence, work, relationships, and make living your dream life your reality

Phase Seven - Connection, Collaboration & Community

This phase is all about getting yourself out there and getting visible, creating an effective social media strategy, increasing your visibility, collaborating with other people to grow your business and connecting with a network of women who lift you up and make you feel your dreams are going to come true!

Group Coaching Programme

New seven-week transformational programme to raise your self-worth and your net-worth is now enrolling for 28th October- 22nd December 2019.

This programme blends together positive psychology, yogic wisdom, coaching psychology, meditation and mindfulness, journalling, and a community of supportive like-minded ambitious and soul-centred women.

What’s included:

  • Weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions (Via Zoom) that are personalise to the groups needs and dreams and will keep you accountable to the goals you’ve set

  • Business mastermind group calls with an inspiring group of women in business who support, guide and advise one another (Includes Zoom call every two weeks, a Whatsapp group, and optional POD for social media support)

  • Access to my signature programme online course Seven Steps to Self-Love and Success. (One module released each week)

  • A welcome pack for clarity so that we spend our time working together on exactly what you want to achieve

  • A treasure trove of resources: Including PDFs, workbooks, videos, meditations, yoga and other tools to help you master your mindset and grow your business

  • Email and whatsapp support during the entirety of the program so you can ask any questions you have and get serious support between our sessions

  • Access to a private Facebook community of like-minded women to inspire, guide and support you on your journey and hopefully make lifelong friends with inspiring and loving Goddesses

  • Access to anything else I launch in the time we work together

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This is a loving community for women to build each other up, and share our self-love and success journeys together in a safe and supportive space with other wonderful, ambitious, like-minded women.

We need other women who get us, who support us and who grow with us, and that's why this is here. Wherever you are on your path, let us lift each other up and grow together.

It's a friendly group of supportive females where I will share tools to deepen self-love and create success in a really holistic way using Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

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Exclusive VIP Package

121 Bespoke Coaching & Group Coaching Programme

If you want to work with me on a one to one basis on the programme, and add weekly 90 minute coaching sessions with me through your journey.

Available by recommendation, invitation or referral only. Apply to the group coaching programme if you would like to be considered.