Institute of Positive Wellbeing

“Flourishing people change the world.”

Rosie is the founder of the Institute of Positive Wellbeing specialising in mindset, peak performance and wellbeing in small businesses and organisations.

Rosie Peacock is a Positive Psychologist & Coaching Psychologist, as well as a trained Yoga Teacher, Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator & Nutritional Therapist offering bespoke scientifically supported positive psychology, wellbeing training and coaching entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, and people who want to make a difference.


Bespoke One to One Wellbeing Package 

Transform your wellbeing, and let stress, overwhelm and burnout become a thing of the past.

This package is all about working 1-2-1 on a monthly basis and creating your tailored 30-day wellness plan. The plan is tailored to your needs and schedule and can include 1-2-1 yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, nutritional therapy, positive psychology interventions and coaching.

£800 per month

One to One Executive Coaching Package

Become the best leader you can be. A one-to-one coaching programme tailored to each individual's goals and targets with a strong focus on developing leadership skills, increasing wellbeing, optimising your character strengths and peak performance to achieve goals. Suitable for leaders, executives and entrepreneurs.

Price £1200 per month

Corporate Peak Performance Package

How could the psychology of success increase sales, motivation, teamwork and productivity in your workplace? This package is delivered in-house in your organisation and can be tailored to the individual needs of your team. It can include any of the following: Positive psychology for peak performance, character strengths assessments, goal setting psychology, leadership development programmes, group coaching and leadership coaching, success psychology, motivation and time-optimisation tools, team building workshops.

Individually priced at consultation


Wellbeing in the Workplace Package

A flourishing workplace achieves their goals and targets much more effectively, reduces time lost due to sickness and increases productivity and motivation. This package includes full wellbeing assessment and strategy tailored specifically for your business and delivered in-house. Can include yoga and mindfulness workshops, wellbeing workshops based on evidence-based strategies to improve individual and institutional wellbeing, and executive wellbeing coaching.

Individually priced at consultation