rosie peacock self love and success coach

Rosie Peacock

I am a coaching psychologist using positive psychology and yogic principles to facilitate and guide high-achieving, ambitious women in business to self-love and success.


I woke up in a sweat, panic gripped me,

my sheets were wet pools of perspiration.

My heart felt heavy, I looked under my vest,

a big black leech lay sucking blood from my chest.

Left of my lung, right on my breast

the vile thing clung, mouth to heart it was pressed.

The leech coiled and slithered right under my skin,

burrowing under & tunneling in.

It disappeared right into my heart,

sucking all of my love & leaving it dark.

The parasite grew fat on my feelings;

it kept stealing my emotions & stopping my healing.

Three and a half years passed by

I felt the leech growing bigger inside.

Until one day I simply let go.

The leech left quietly through the hole in my heart,

so went the woe, as I peeled us apart.

Rosie Peacock © 2018

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